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Property Maintenance Services in Treasure Valley

Deeply rooted in our community, Genesis Pro Solutions is known for its trustworthiness and exceptional expertise. With a commitment to swift, cost-effective maintenance, we provide tailored solutions for every property — from multi-family units to residential homes. Adapting to ever-changing market dynamics and forging lasting relationships, our reputation thrives on quick-turnaround and affordability. When you choose us, you're opting for precision, efficiency, and a partnership that always prioritizes your property.

Property Enhancement Hub

Your trusted partner in seamless property transitions. Our comprehensive services range from detailed remodeling and painting to diligent maintenance and essential installations, ensuring every property showcases its best self.

Property Management Upkeep

Offering consistent, high-quality maintenance services in Boise, Meridian, Nampa, and surrounding Treasure Valley for property managers. Property managers trust our thorough, consistent service. We ensure every unit is tenant-ready, boosting tenant satisfaction and maintaining your property’s value.

Landlord Maintenance Solutions

Protect and preserve your investment. Our landlord-focused maintenance solutions help you maintain property value, keep tenants happy, and ensure a consistent rental income. We provide expert care for rental properties in the Treasure Valley, maintaining value and tenant satisfaction.

Multi-Family Property Care and Maintenance in the Treasure Valley

From routine checks to emergency repairs, our multi-family maintenance services ensure the comfort and functionality of every unit in your apartment complex or multi-residential property. We provide dedicated services for apartment complexes and multi-unit residences.

Real Estate Maintenance in Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Nampa, Caldwell and the surrounding Treasure Valley:

"Get homes market-ready or settle in with ease post-purchase. Our tailored real estate maintenance services cater to homes in transition, ensuring a smooth shift for sellers, buyers, and agents."

Handyman Services

Your go-to for local, hassle-free residential repairs. Whether you're a homeowner, board member, or an investor with diverse property portfolios – from commercial spaces to vacation homes – we’re equipped to handle all your residential repair demands.


Located in the heart of Treasure Valley, Genesis Pro Solutions

We specializes in property maintenance services for landlords, property managers, and turn-key solutions for homes readying for sale or rental. Our expert team offers top-notch handyman services, efficient repairs, and comprehensive remodeling services. Landlords and property owners trust us to elevate their real estate, ensuring properties meet market demands seamlessly. If you're searching for reliable property maintenance in Treasure Valley, then consider Genesis Pro Solutions. Contact us today for standout property care..

Let us take away the hassle of Residential Repairs.

We are a professional, experienced residential repair company located in Meridian, Idaho. Our goal is to maximize our clients’ return on their investments through exceptional and comprehensive services.

Our fees are affordable. With no set up costs and a competitive management fee, we are confident you won't find better service for less.

Learn more how we can help with your Residential Repair needs.